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Coming Back to our Roots

Sand Creek Homestead


My husband, Gil Hallows, and I have deep roots in this area.  Our ancestors helped pioneer  Blue Valley, Aldridge, and brought the water into Caineville by tunneling through the mountainside with pick, shovel and a bucket to remove the soil.  This is the irrigation system into Caineville to this day.  They cut and milled the lumber for many of the buildings that you see.  Much of the lumber was brought from the Oak Creek Mill off of Boulder Mountain.   My grandfather, Floyd Hunt, and his partners helped build the Rim Rock Hotel and many other buildings. 


The love for the property that we now call, “Sand Creek Homestead”, comes from many years of endearment.  My first job as a young teenager was at the Rim Rock first cleaning rooms and then waitressing.  I would often look down and see this property and feel the connection.  The magic continued in 2020 when I was driving  past the property.  A message came through on my phone stating the property had  just came up for sale.  I immediately called Amanda Brown and began the process for buying the property.  At closing, Cathy Bagley informed me that one of my ancestors had homesteaded the 506 acres where Rim Rock, Capitol Reef Lodge, and the Noor hotel stands.  To me, this was truly a miracle.  The land was calling me. 


Many people have driven by wondering what we plan to do with this beautiful 116 acres.   My reply is, to make it a place of peace and joy for those who enter.  The tranquility of the pond is now alive with Spade Fork toads and birds of many kinds.  It is a great watering estuary for deer, fox, coyotes and my son Nate’s chickens and peacock.  We have added Daisy, Bella, Gracie and Evie; pygmi goats and Heidi an Alpine goatl. They are so friendly and cute.  


My grandmother, Laura Hunt, was a master at gardening.  Cindy, my daughter,  and I are bringing back “Grandma’s Garden” with Laura's famous hoe being a shovel that grandpa bent to create just the right depth to get every weed.  We will see how our garden grows.  Our hope is that we can share our produce with the community and for those who need what we can offer. 


When we are at full capacity we will have two geodesic domes, six tiny homes, one luxury home, and an Event Center.    Our hope is to make this more than just a place to sleep but an experience never to be forgotten.

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